Game Dude (Real name: Alexander Badr) is a game reviewer on YouTube who blatantly copies the AVGN, nitpicks at every damn thing in the game, and is a bad actor.

Game Dude


  • Ripping-off the AVGN
  • Nitpicking at everything in the games he reviews
  • Conker (Even though he said he'll conquer it and that he concurs that it sucks)
  • Kirby (Because he sucks more than a vacuum)


  • Reviewing/playing shitty games
  • Conker
  • Bubsy
  • Mickey Mousecapade
  • Shitty games
  • Good games
  • Every damn game you can think of


  • "You nincomSHIT!"
  • "What the shit is that fuck!?"
  • "Bill and Ted's SHITTY Adventure!"
  • "Some say Conker now sucks, but I concur, and I will conquer Conker!"
  • "You know, some say Conker still rocks, but I concur, and I will conquer Conker!"
  • "Kirby sucks, boy, doe's he ever suck. He sucks more than a vacuum, and that's why he's so awesome!"
  • "It's dull, too short, is a mess, and scrubs shitty hippo asses, the end!"
  • "Woah, settle down, boy, stop bothering the tree, now put your nuts away."
  • "Now he looks like a hairy shitball wedged inside a squirrel's anus!"