Sheen Estevez is one of Jimmy Neutron's friends. He is obsessed with a super-hero named Ultra-Lord and is a retard.

Quotes Edit

  • "No, YOU'RE out of order! This court's out of order! The soda machine in the gym is out of order!!"
  • "I'm the shower!"
  • "I'm still doing it! GO, GO, GO!"
  • "Maybe they went to get juice or something."
  • "Do you mean your salami leg, their salami leg, his salami leg, or Carl's shoes?"
  • "She's a witch I tell's ya! BURN HER! BURN HER!"
  • "Jimmy, what's the Japanese word for ambulance?"
  • "Jimmy! You're like a hamster, or gerbil, or dolphin or something!"
  • "Cool, Carl! I wish I had a balloon to stick to you."
  • "Ow, that hurt! Maybe it's worn off by now. Ow, that hurt! Ow, that hurt!"
  • "Anyone with a brain knows 'E' stands for...'ELP YOURSELF TO SOME GAS!!"
  • "The only respectable dance I know is the crazy porpoise! You wanna see it? Here we go."
  • "They poop on you in a box!?"
  • "Hey, look, TV!"
  • "TV go dark!"
  • "I'd like to turn in the escaped convicts. If I just turn in two of them, how much do I get?"
  • "Do you know what this means!? DO YOU!? Do YOU???"
  • "They haven't invented the sour that's too sour for the Sheen!"

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