TweeterMan287 is a geek who reviews electronic crap and game consoles that are rip-offs of other game consoles. 

He wants to strangle their freaking necks!

Quotes Edit

  • "I wanna strangle their freaking necks!"
  • "Say hello, a cat."
  • "That was weird, that was like some kind of weird suction going on."
  • "Come on out, don't be shy!"
  • "Don't put it in your back pocket 'cause you'll squish it with your ass."
  • "Uuuum, don't...touch it?"
  • "Are you a geek or a nerd, there's a difference?"
  • "Don't put dizzy batteries in it 'cause dizzy batteries won't work very well."
  • "*zoom* *zoom* Never fear! *zoom* it's the GameBoy!"